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All about the Music

When the end is beautiful; so is the means.
I strive to make the very best instruments I can.
The colour and joy that can be drawn from the wood is an endless source of fascination for me.


Taking care takes time...


Andrew first picked up a violin at the age of six and since then has rarely been seen without one in hand. As a teenager he spent most weekends busking in Cambridge and has performed with Lincoln's Concert Orchestra.

A turning point in Andrew's life came at the age of seventeen when his violin was damaged. In desperate need of an urgent repair he decided he needed to learn how to maintain his own violin.


Andrew took up woodcarving and served an apprenticeship with a Cambridge-based sculptor to improve his knowledge and understanding of working with wood. Within six months he had won a fiercely contested place at Newark School of Violin Making to train in baroque and modern making.

After qualifying from Newark in 2000, Andrew worked for three years as a repairer before setting up his own violin workshop in Lincoln. He is now an experienced luthier with almost two decades of repairing and making, an is an expert in both the creation of new violins, violas and cellos, and restoration of older instruments.

Having spent years working on Steep Hill in Lincoln, He is now on the High Street in Collingham, looking after customers old and new.





Everything is possible.


Whether it is the smallest soundpost adjustment or a comprehensive front restoration, every subtle change can affect the sound and feel of the instrument - it is vital that a sensitivity to the player and a sympathy to the violin are exercised during any intervention.







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